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Baltimore Underage Drinking Lawyer

Underage Consumption Attorneys in Maryland

Experienced Criminal Law Attorney in Harford County, Maryland

As in many other states, it is illegal in Maryland to drink alcohol until one is 21. Being charged with underage consumption can severely and negatively impact individuals and families for years. Additionally, being convicted of “driving under the influence” before one is 21 can be particularly harmful since it can result in consequences such as additional suspension of driving privileges, fines, court costs and community service.


One can be arrested for underage consumption anywhere in Maryland: the beaches, the Harbor, college, or a party. After such an arrest, it makes sense to consult with a qualified and experienced Maryland underage consumption lawyer.


Baltimore Metro Area criminal defense lawyer Frank Henninger has been serving the accused in Baltimore, Harford & Cecil Counties for over 18 years. Putting his experience to work for you, Mr. Henninger will vigorously and thoroughly defend your rights while working toward minimizing negative consequences. Contact The Law Offices of Henninger & Henninger at (410) 836-5300.


Protecting Your Rights

Being a good underage drinking defense lawyer means not only being knowledgeable of the law and how it works. Equally important is understanding how to successfully navigate through the legal system in an attempt to obtain the most favorable outcomeprotecting the client’s rights, reputation and future. Defending clients successfully includes knowledgeably reviewing police and arrest reports and negotiating effectively with the prosecution.


Contact a Maryland Underage Consumption Lawyer

If a charge of underage consumption has been brought against you or a loved one in the Baltimore, Bel Air or Elkton Maryland area, contact The Law Offices of Henninger & Henninger located only a short walk from the Bel Air courthouse. Mr. Henninger represents clients in all of Baltimore, Harford and Cecil Counties, as well as students at Maryland schools, colleges and universities. Mr. Henninger can be reached at (410) 836-5300 or by email.