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Anyone can be pulled over for DUI. By taking action and contacting an experienced criminal defense and DUI lawyer, you can minimize the negative consequences, keep your license, and make sure your rights are protected. Having handled hundreds of drunk driving cases, attorney Francis J. Henninger understands the consequences that face his clients.

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The offense commonly called drunk driving is also often referred to as either “DUI” (driving under the influence), “DUI Per Se” (driving under the influence per se), or “DWI” (driving while impaired). They are all similar offenses and can be found in Statute 21-902 of the Maryland Vehicle Law Annotated.

Frank has dedicated his over 3 decades of practice to the study of Maryland’s DUI/DWI and traffic laws. He is often contacted by other attorneys seeking advice and has represented friends and family members of the judiciary, law enforcement and courthouse staff. He completed the arduous Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs) training required of Maryland law enforcement. As a former government attorney, he is familiar with law enforcement policies and procedures. And he furthers his knowledge through the regular attendance and participation in Maryland DUI/DWI CLEs.

Often, a person charged with a drunk driving offense receives citations for all three of the above. However, he can only be convicted of one of the charges for one particular stop. The maximum penalties for DUI Per Se and DUI are one year incarceration and/or a $1,000 fine for the first offense, two years and $2,000 for a second offense, and three years and $3,000 for all subsequent offenses. In addition to the above penalties, the Motor Vehicle Association (“MVA”) will impose twelve points on the driver’s record and will often revoke the driver’s privilege to drive.

Driving while impaired (“DWI”) carries a maximum penalty of sixty days of incarceration and a $500.00 for a first offense, with a one-year and a $500.00 fine for all subsequent offenses. In addition, the MVA will impose eight points on the driver’s record and the driver’s license may be suspended.

A driver who is charged with a drinking and driving-related offense should be aware that he has a right to request a hearing before an administrative law judge prior to his license being revoked or suspended. In order to ensure that the driver’s privilege to drive is not suspended prior to the hearing, the request for a hearing must be made within ten days of the date of the Order of Suspension. If a request is made after the 10-day period, but within thirty days of the date of the Order of Suspension, the driver will still receive a hearing. However, the suspension will take effect on the 46th day after the date of the Order of Suspension.

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Keeping Your License: If you have been charged with a drinking and driving-related offense, you can still take action to keep your license. You can request a hearing before an administrative law judge, in which you can attempt to keep your license from being revoked or suspended. However, time is of the essence, and you must file your request for the hearing within ten days of the date of the Order of Suspension.

Important Information for persons charged with DUI or drunk driving related charges in Bel Air, Maryland (Harford County):

DUI charges are heard before the District Court unless the defendant asked that the matter be tried before a jury. The Harford County District Court is located at 2 South Bond Street in Bel Air. No cameras or camera phones are allowed in the courthouse. If a person charged with DUI is placed on supervised probation following his appearance in a Harford County court, his probation will be monitored by the Harford County Drinking and Driving Monitor Program (DDMP). The DDMP office is located in Bel Air on the second floor of the District Courthouse.

When a person charged with DUI or a drinking and driving related offense in Bel Air, Maryland (Harford County) requests a jury trial, the case is transferred to the Circuit Court. The Circuit Court is located at 20 W. Courtland Street, Bel Air, 21014.

MVA hearings for persons charged with DUI or drinking and driving related charges who live in Harford County are heard at the Bel Air branch office at 501 W. MacPhail Road in Bel Air (across from Upper Chesapeake Hospital). MVA hearing requests are time sensitive. Persons facing suspensions or revocations should contact a lawyer immediately in order to avoid losing the opportunity to request a hearing.

A DUI conviction will have a major impact. Don’t let one mistake change your life. Criminal defense attorney Francis J. Henninger can protect your rights in Maryland District and Circuit Courts. Contact him today for a free initial consultation.

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