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Bel Air, Maryland Speeding Lawyer

Traffic Ticket Attorney Harford County MD

Speed limits are posted on every highway and interstate in Maryland. Each limit depends on the type of road and the local population. A four-lane interstate may allow speeds up to 65 mph while a school zone or residential area may limit speeds to 20 or 30 mph. These limits are designed to accommodate the traffic flow while keeping pedestrians and drivers safe.

Speeding Laws

A speeding ticket is usually considered a moving or a traffic violation, an infraction instead of a violation. But the offense can be deemed more serious if the posted speed limit is so greatly exceeded that it seems Reckless or Aggressive Driving. And penalties are more severe if the speeding causes an accident. The legal repercussions are still more serious if the speeding driver was texting or in any other way driving inattentively. If you have been charged with speeding you may be at risk of losing your license which can impact your life on many levels. Please call Bel Air, Maryland Traffic Violation Attorney Frank Henninger. He can be reached at 410 836 5300. Or, email the firm here.

Maryland Point System

Maryland monitors residents’ driving records with a point system, the more serious the violation the greater the number of points. Speeding is a less serious offense; drunk driving, hit-and-run, and reckless driving, obviously, far more serious. Driving licenses are often suspended or even revoked when enough points are accumulated within a certain period of time. A skilled Traffic Ticket lawyer can help prevent the imposition of such a serious penalty.

Traffic Violation Penalties

Traffic violations can entail administrative as well as legal consequences. Among those are fines, court costs, and attorney fees. Insurance premiums can be raised. The driver’s license can be suspended either because of point accrual or because of one serious violation. Working with a Maryland Traffic Offense lawyer can help minimize such unpleasant consequences.

Penalties Increase For Drivers Holding Provisional Licenses

The MVA increases the penalties for drivers who hold provisional licenses. For a first offense, the driver is ordered to complete a Driver Improvement Program (DIP). After a second offense, the MVA will suspend the license for 30 days. Following a third and subsequent offense, the MVA will suspend the license for 180 days.

Contact A Baltimore Area Speeding Ticket Lawyer

If you have been given a speeding ticket, whether or not any other violations accompanied the ticket, you should speak to a qualified Maryland Traffic Violation Lawyer. Call The Law Office of Henninger & Henninger at 410 836 5300. Or, email the firm by clicking here. Mr. Henninger focuses his practice, in Baltimore, Harford and Cecil Counties, on Baltimore, Towson, Edgewood, White Marsh, Havre De Grace, North East, Rising Sun and Elkton.